Hydraulic Rock Saw

Our hydraulic rock saw is an universal cutting tool for hard rock up to 70 mPA if large cutting depths of up to 1600 mm in one single pass are required.
The rock saw is an attachment to the boom of a hydraulic excavator with sufficient weight and power. For our most common model SS8000 we recommend a base machine of 30-40 tons and we have best experience with Komatsu PC300 and PC400.

Our rock saws are available as

  • Single blade, off-set saw
  • Double blade, central
  • Double blade, off-set
  • Blade diameter 2000, 3000, 4000 mm
  • Blade distance 800-2200 mm

The rock saw is an ideal tool for cutting works at quarries, for building excavations in hard soil and rock and for a wide range of trenching applications. The rock saw is nearly vibration free, significantly less noisy compared to rock breakers and very efficient. It is also a great tool for pre-cutting rock for mass excavation with great performance and reasonable maintenance cost. The round shank carbide bits are standard tools available worldwide.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.