Standard Crawler Drill Rigs

ModelEngine powerMast feed strokeFeed forceRetract forceRotary torqueRotary speed rangeClamp rangeWeight
MC 6100943-320050005000450-240057-38045-3255000-5500
MC 886-1001650-390050005000450-150070-75045-3257000-8000
MC 1295-1152450-404055005500450-240057-29045-42011000-13000
MC 141291700-4000550055001000-240057-29045-36010000-13000
MC 151194000-7000800080001000-320034-35045-52015000-16000
MC 20188-205480095009500600-360020-19045-42019500-22000
MC 211684750-7200800080001300-320034-35045-36021000-22000
MC 22147-1684750-10200800080001300-320034-35045-52021000-24300
MC 242057200-102001400014000610-480020-21045-52021000-24000
MC 28188-2057200-102009500-140009500-14000610-480020-21045-52025000-28000
MC 3018813000-160001000010000610-480020-26045-52032000-35000
MC 40188-20514300-1600022000-30000 18500-3700022000-30000 18500-370002700-1000036-15060-60039000-42000

Commitment - Passion - Enthusiasm - Competence

The MC line, with its large variety of models, is the best example of Comacchio’s production: its ability to meet market needs whilst taking advantage of innovative techniques that are less costly, more effective, easier and safer for the operators. This led to the creation of a comprehensive range of drilling rigs for civil engineering works such as micropiles, anchors, jet grouting and ground improvement in general.

Thanks to advanced modular hydraulic circuits, the rigs of the MC line can be equipped with a large range of rotary heads and drifters that apply to most types of rotary and rotary-percussive drilling. All machines can be equipped with hydraulic proportional controls or with radio remote control. Since 2011 the drilling rigs are equipped with a new generation remote control that includes not only the ‘traditional’ tramming and drilling functions, but also the machine setup and the rod carousel. The machines can be easily managed from one console, with enhanced efficiency, productivity and security.

The engines mounted on the drilling rigs comply with the current European and American (EPA none Road and CARB) legislation regarding emission values. The MC line drilling rigs can be equipped with a series of innovative, patented systems that focus on operator safety and the simplification and automation of drilling processes on site.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.