Drill Rigs with separate Power Pack

ModelEngine powerMast feed strokeFeed forceRetract forceRotary torqueRotary speed rangeClamp rangeWeight
MC 2D331250-205012001200200-48080-58045-185350+900
MC 3D33-55,41200-220025002500200-52580-58045-2202200-2600 +1000-2000
MC 4D55-100943-210035003500450-150065-38045-33254200-5100 +1700-2800
MC 5D86-100950-25503600-55005000-5500450-225080-38045-3605000-6500 +2100-2800
MC 8D97950-400055005500450-240057-38045-3608800-9100

The MC line includes both drilling rigs with hydraulic power pack on board or with separate power pack all to perform a great range of mast positions and inclinations, thus permitting operation in small spaces covering a large variety of works and maintaining a high performance.

A complete line of hydraulic crawler mounted drilling rigs especially designed for ground engineering works such as micropiles, anchors, jet grouting and ground improvement in general.

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