Rigs on Excavators

ModelExcavator classMast feed strokeFeed forceRetract forceRotary torqueRotary speed rangeClamp rangeWeight
MC-E 25 MC-E 45

The MC-E line has been designed to operate in restricted access working spaces, where particular soil configuration, bearing capacity and limited space make it impossible to use a crawler mounted drilling rig: Docks, road edges, rock walls, slopes, etc.

The hydraulic drilling rigs of the MC-E line are installed at the end of the excavator booms. Using the excavator boom movements combined with a slewing ring or with the Comacchio patented mast joint support, these machines can reach an extreme variety of mast positions and inclinations. All mast movements and the rotary heads are powered by the appropriately fitted hydraulic circuit of the excavator. Mainly used for ground improvement works and anchor drilling, the MC-E line includes a remarkable variety of models that can reach up to 8 ton pull-up force and 3000 daNm rotary head torque depending on the excavator size.

The drilling rigs of the MC-E line can be equipped with a wide range of rotary heads and hydraulic drifters capable of operating all rotary and rotary-percussive drilling systems.
All setup and drilling movements can be controlled by the operator directly from the excavator cabin using the radio remote control with great advantages in terms of efficiency, productivity and security.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.