DTH Hammers & Bits II

DTH Hammers & Bits

DTH cluster drills consist of several smaller DTH hammers which are housed and driven in a circular steel barrel. The main advantage is that smaller and cheaper DTH hammers with less air consumption are combined to drill holes in hard rock up to 1830 mm diameter. Our DTH cluster drills and accessories can also be used for RCD (reverse circulation drilling).

RCD Cluster System
ModelDrilling O.DCasing SizeHammer WeightHammer LengthDrilling Speed
in Hard Rock
HTRC9759751016520031002 - 3
HTRC117511751219750031001 - 2
HTRC134013401500890031001 - 2
HTRC1830183020001400035000.5 - 1
DTH Hammers & Bits

Our Overburden Drilling Systems are the optimum solution if temporary or permanent steel casings have to be installed by drilling in hard rock. Special extending and retracting drill bits undercut the wall thickness of the steel casing so that the casing can be easily sunken down to the required depth simultaneously with the drilling operation.

Overburden Drilling System
Axel Wing
Model No.
SizeBit SizeNo. of
Recommended Casing SizeDrive Shoe
Inner Dia
ExtendedRetractedPipe O.DPipe Wall
No. 6138189139.52168.26.5141.5
No. 6S163219.51662193.67.6168
No. 818825318832197.6190
No. 8S213279.221732546.4219
No. 10238309.523332739.2236
No. 10S2783342813318.56.4234
No. 123183723193355.69.5323
No. 143634243623406.49.5365
No. 164084774103457.211.1414
No. 18458529453450812.7457
No. 20508580.55054558.812.7507
No. 22558613.5557.54609.612.7561.5
No. 246086846044660.412.7609
No. 266587366544711.212.7658
No. 2870878.5706.5476212.7710.5
No. 30748848.57524812.812.7757
No. 328088858084863.612.7813
We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.