Diaphragm Wall Grabs (mechanical)

Mechanical grabs are the best solution to excavate diaphragm walls in all soil conditions up to a soil hardness of 70 mPA as light chisseling work is possible. The SWG series of diaphragm wall grabs is available with grab extensions for a total length of 10 or 12 m and also with extra ballast to reach a total weight of up to 22550 kg for even the most demanding projects.

Jaws may be rectangular or round shape. Jaws, ropes, pulleys and different teeth can be quickly replaced on site without any problems. All rope and guide pulleys have adequately dimensioned, maintenance-free bearings filled with grease.

We also supply hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs with inclination measuring and monitoring systems to guarantee a verticality of the diaphragm wall of 1 : 800. The recorded data of the complete excavation procedure can be stored and printed out for further use.

Type / Description

Width of
Diaphragm Wall
Width of Basic
Jaw Capacity

No. of Pulleys

Weight with
SWG 2.8-540039557059800
SWG 2.8-5500395710511000
SWG 2.8-5600395890511600
SWG 2.8-550049571059450
SWG 2.8-5600495890510200
SWG 2.8-58004951250511700
SWG 2.8-6600580890612000
SWG 2.8-68005801250613700
SWG 2.8-610005801600615000
SWG 3.2-68007801450614000
SWG 3.2-610007801850616100
SWG 3.2-612007802250617200
SWG 3.2-610009801850616750
SWG 3.2-612009802250618900
SWG 3.2-615009802800621135
SWG 3.6-66005802100616200
SWG 3.6-68005802800618050
SWG 3.6-610005803500619300
SWG 4.2-66005802800616620
SWG 4.2-68005803700618600
SWG 4.2-610005804600620800
SWG 3.6-68007802800619500
SWG 3.6-610007803500621840
SWG 3.6-612007804200622550
We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.