Bentonite Turbo Mixers

STM Series of Bentonite Turbo Mixers

Main advantages:

  • Stout efficiency
  • Easy assembly
  • Little maintenance
  • Great reliability
  • Three models

The STM series of Bentonite turbo mixers consist of a steel sheet cylindrical tank, set-up on a strong base frame, the pump and the motor (electrical, gasoline or diesel). The muds are mixed through a high speed vortex produced by a special pump which, after sucking the material from the bottom of the tank, sends it back tangentially into the same tank in order to get highest possible efficiency.
Through a time controlled operation of the throttle valves of the system, the pump can bring the mud to a storage container or directly to the area of use.
By this process it is possible to obtain homogeneous colloidal and high quality mixtures within a very short period of time.

ModelSTM 500STM 1000STM 1500
Tank capacityl60012001800
Pump deliverym3/h150200200
Electric motorkW7.51111
Gasoline enginekW101515
Diesel enginekW101515

Other Bentonite equipment i.e. desanders, pumps, containers, etc. are available on request.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.