Hydraulic Pile Breakers

Our new series of hydraulic pile breakers for circular piles offer following advantages:

  • Up to ten times faster than conventional methods and up to 80 piles per day
  • Very compact dimensions
  • Low cut-off level
  • Easy to operate
  • No noise, no vibrations
  • No cracks below cut level
  • The reinforcement remains fully undamaged and intact
  • Leaves a perfect horizontal concrete fracture
  • Excellent service and spare parts availability
  • Quick diameter adjustment

Working procedure:

The excavator lifts the pile breaker over the pile and at first stage a complete horizontal fracture is made. The chisels penetrate in horizontal direction up to the re-bars for about 25 seconds to make the fracture. At second stage the chisels penetrate further (usually 25-40 mm) and due to the shape of the chisels and the reaction forces by the rebars, the concrete will break in pieces and can easily be lifted off the pile.

ModelDiameterOil Press.Oil FlowExc. WeightElementsBitWeight
FIP 700700300200208FM 1851800
FIP 800800300200208FC 1601800
FIP 900900300225229FM 1852050
FIP 10001000300225229FC 1602050
FIP 110011003002502510FM 1852275
FIP 120012003002502510FC 1602275
FIP 130013003002752811FM 1852500
FIP 140014003002752811FC 1602500
FIP 150015003003002812FM 1852725
FIP 160016003003203013FL 2102950
FIP 170017003003203013FC 1602950
FIP 180018003003203614FM 1853200
FIP 190019003003203614FC 1603200
FIP 200020003003503615FM 1853425
We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.