Dynamic Pile Testing

We have been asked several times during the past months if it is really necessary to move hundreds of tons of concrete blocks to the site for making the required static load test of foundation piles and the answer is NO!

Pile Dynamics offers its PileDriving Analyzer® to perform dynamic pile tests which uses the wave propagation theory to compute numerous variables that fully describe the condition of the hammer-pile-soil system in real time.

The method was originally developed for driven piles but is also applied to all sorts of bored piles (Kelly, CFA, SDA) by impacting the pile with a large drop weight (approx. 2% of the required test load) and measuring the compressive stress wave travelling down the pile. Transducers and a pair of accelerometers attached near the top of the pile measure the wave reflections and transfer the signals to the Pile Driving Analyzer (the photo right shows the model PAK on site) to process the output results.

The new PDA-W software estimates the pile resistance distribution and tension envelope in the field which does not replace the more accurate CAPWAP® analysis, but gives the user much needed insights in real time.

The Pile Driving Analyzer is also available with data transmission capabilities via a mobile phone (model PAL-R) and the data analysis can be done anywhere in the world.

Furthermore Pile Dynamics offers equipment and software for Pile Integrity Tests™ which is an inexpensive and quick method to evaluate potentially costly defects in all kinds of concrete piles.

Please contact us or Pile Dynamics at www.pile.com for further information about latest pile testing techniques and equipment.