Leader Attachments

Auger Drives
ModelMDBA 2100MDBA 3000MDBA 3500MDBA 4200MDBA 6000-2
Hex drivemm8080100100120
Oil pressure max.bar300300300300300
Oil quantity max.l/min310450540540540
Revolution max.rpm7070706040
Total weightkg9901350140014001800

The main application for hydraulic auger drives together with continuous flight augers is the pre-drilling of hard soil for easier pile driving or to drill holes for poles. In combination with a power swivel the augers and rotaries of our Mobilram system become extremely versatile for many different drilling works i.e. for CFA or SDA piles, micropiles, soil anchors, DTH hammers, soil mixing, etc.

Augerdrives and other attachmants

Auger drive for predrilling hard soil and for small CFA piles
Double rotary head for secant bored piles with unmatched performance
Single and double rotary heads for soilmixing applications
Hydraulic impact hammer for driving steel beams, pipes and concrete piles
Sheet pile press to push sheet piles in loose soil without any vibrator

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.