Hydraulic Impact Hammer SuperRAM

The hydraulic impact hammers type SuperRAM are simple, rugged designed and environmentally friendly piling hammers, which have been developed on basis of the Classic hammer series. With the new XL design ram weights of up to 10 tons can be used. Besides rams of steel only we also manufacture rams with a steel/lead mixture up to a ram weight of 6 tons.

The steel/lead mixture produces longer stress waves in the concrete pile which leads to a reduction of the peak forces and causes a larger penetration rate per impact during the pile driving procedure. The production rates
are thereby increased significantly. In addition the use of steel/lead rams have a positive effect to the noise level and in general to the quality of the piling work.

The hydraulic power and the required electric energy is supplied by the carrier or by a separate power pack. In order to be able to proof the load bearing capacity, SuperRAM hydraulic hammers are equipped with modern sensors for measuring and recording important piling parameters such as impact energy, penetration depth, impact frequency and number of blows.
Ram weightkg506060756110806010100
Total weightkg7000800092001156013600
Drop heightmm150-1200150-1200150-1200150-1200150-1200
Impact frequencybpm0-1000-1000-1000-1000-80
Impact energykNm0-590-710-710-940-118
Working pressureMPa2830303030
Hydraulic flow ratel/min200210240300325
Required hydr. powerkW93105120150162
Length to bottom linemm39004120443544354435
Frame widthmm410-600410-600410-600410-600410-600
We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.