APE Large Hydraulic Vibrators

Vibrator Model300200T200-6400600
Centrifugal forcekN14241788227026483960
Eccentric momentkgm666076132198
Frequency max.vpm14001650165013501350
Line pull max.kN13341183164620823123
Suspended weight w/o clampkg88455879143202200028181
Throat Widthmm360370370840940
Height w/o clampmm26901670191022502650
Power Pack Model76576576510501200
Engine typeCAT C18CAT C18CAT C18CAT C27CAT C32
Drive pressurebar310310310310310
Drive flowl/min83383383311131052
Clamp pressurebar331331331331331
Clamp flowl/min3737373737
Some special features of our power packs:

  • Power unit comes standard with spare hydraulic tank, tool kit, dual controls on pendant and control panel
  • Very simple open loop hydraulic system with highest quality valves and lighted indicators
  • Variable flow in both directions for use with drills, winches, hydraulic hammers and other attachments
  • Oversized radiator and hydraulic oil cooler with proven performance in the heat of Saudi Arabia

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.