Ductile Iron Driven Piles

Ductile Iron Driven Piles are spherical casted piles of steel grade GGG40 with a minimum tensile strength of 420 N/mm2 and standard length of 5000 mm. A special conical coupling system guarantees fast and safe connection for tension and pressure after been driven. The Ductile Iron Driven Piles are available in following dimensions:

Outer DiameterWall ThicknessWeightWorking Load

Depending on the ground condition DID-piles can be designed as friction as well as end bearing piles for a very wide range of foundation applications.

The DID-piles are driven by special hydraulic top hammer with a high blow count which is mounted to the boom of a hydraulic excavator (preferably with leader) and operated by the hydraulic system of the base machine.

The first pile has a lost pile shoe (available for soft and for hard soil) with a larger diameter than the pile which provides the necessary room around the pile for cement grouting. A grouting pump with a capacity of ~350 l/min and up to 50 bar pumps the grout during driving through an adapter at the pile top to the pile shoe so that the pile is completely filled and surrounded by grout. Further piles are added and driven up to resistance which guarantees the required bearing capacity (every driven pile is a tested pile).


  1. Ductile iron has excellent corrosion resistance.
  2. All piles are completely embedded in grout (inside and outside) for additional corrosion protection.
  3. Soil displacement piles offer better skin friction compared to bored piles of same diameter.
  4. High daily production rate (up to 300 m/day).
  5. Piles are driven to resistance which guarantees the designed bearing capacity.
  6. Using a larger number of DID-piles with less bearing capacity compared to bored piles, the thickness of the concrete base plate can be reduced due to better load distribution.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.