DELMAG Lead Systems 1

ModelMH 30102MH 32103MH 35104MH 37107MH 41109
Suitable for diesel hammerD12-42D30-32D62-22D80-23D100-13
Length total max.m2030364248
Length useable max.m1424303640
Weight complete ~kg30008000100002600030000
Crane lifting capacity ~ton4060100130300
ModelMS 30102MS 32103MS 35104
Suitable for diesel hammerD12-42D30-32D62-22
Length total max.m8-208-2810-30
Length useable with max. hammer sizem2-142-224-24
Weight complete ~kg200040005500
DELMAG MH hanging leads can be attached easily to the boom point of crawler cranes. Usually a spotter, which connects the lower part of the lead with the upper carriage of the crane, is used to control the mast inclination to the front, rear or side. Optionally a hydraulic mast slewing device and a hydraulic mast lowering system are available. DELMAG MS swinging leads can be attached to any model of crane with suitable capacity. As the lead is not connected to the crane's upper carriage it can be rotated 360ยบ around its vertical axis. The MS-type swinging leads are mainly used for 'back-driving' of interlocking sheet piles and single piles.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.