ABI Fixed Leaders

ABI Fixed leader systems
ModelSM 12/16 BSM 14/18 HDSM 18/22 HDSM 18/24 SD
Usable lengthmm18100208002440026300
Prestressing forcekN135150150150
Pulling forcekN300400400500
Drilling torque max.kNm120200200250
Front inclinationdeg.+4+4+4+4
Rear inclinationdeg.-5-5-5-5
Lateral inclinationdeg.+/-4+/-4+/-4+/-4
Standard BaseSR 35 TSR 35 T-DSR 45 TSR 50 T
Engine powerkW403-470470563522-570
Transport dimensions
ABI Fixed Leader

ABI Mobilram multi-purpose piling rigs are available with three different leaders:

a) Circular telescopic leaders are the ideal configuration for sheet pile and H-beam installation with hydraulic vibrators. The distance between the central axis of the leader to the vibrator is short so that only small bending moments stress the leader. It is the lightest and most used configuration for standard piling and pre-drilling needs.

b) Square telescopic leaders are recommended if a higher torque resistance is needed (up to 120 kNm)e.g. for pre-drilling larger diameters, for soil mixing and for works with double drill head (small CFA piles) or to accomodate a sheet pile press system.

c) Fixed leader machines are for heavy duty piling and drilling works. The leaders accept a torque of up to 200 kNm and can be used for kelly bar drilling, large CFA or soil displacement piles as well as driving of precast concrete piles with hydraulic or diesel hammer.

Excellent maneuverability, high powered base machines with fixed or telescopic lower, different mast configurations and a wide range of attachments make the ABI Mobilram the most versatile piling and drilling rig on the world market.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.