DELMAG Lead Systems 2

ModelMAR 30-30MAR 62-48MAR 100-60MAR 200-72MAR 300-84
Suitable for diesel hammerD30-32D62-22D100-13D200-42D300-42
Pile diameter max.mm7621220152518302135
Length useable max.m1424303640
Total weight without hammerkg70008500110004800048000
ModelMAS 3000MAS 4600MAS 6200
Suitable for diesel hammerD30-32D46-32D62-22
Pile diameter max.mm82010671420
Total weight without hammerkg440046006000
DELMAG MAR-type rope-suspended leads are mainly used to drive pre-0set pipes in marine and offshore projects. The lead, together with the hammer, is positioned onto of the pile by a crane. During operation the complete weight of hammer and lead is supported by the pile. For piling under inclination a hydraulic starting system for the hammer is required. In combination with a Delmag hydraulic power pack additional safety features such as 'automatic hammer stop' are available. DELMAG MAS-type rope-suspended leads are designed to drive various sections of vertical piles such as sheet piles (U- and Z-sections) and other single piles (H-beams and pipe piles).

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.