APE Hydraulic Vibrator 250 VM

Specifications of Vibrator APE 250 VM:
Centrifugal forcekN2389
Eccentric moment (Variable)kgm0-51.85
Frequency (Variable)vpm2050
Line pull max.kN881
Suspended weight w/o clampkg6985
Throat widthmm360
Height w/o clampmm2590
Specifications of Power Pack APE 765
Engine typeCATCAT C18
Drive pressurebar0-310
Drive flowl/min833
Clamp pressurebar331
Clamp flowl/min37
Engine speedrpm2100
Hydraulic oil capacityl1703
Fuel capacityl586

Details of Wood / Concrete Clamp

  • Fits piles up to 609 mm
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Clamp force 534 kN
  • Fits all types of vibrators
  • Large grip plates
  • Maximum safety

Details of Casing Clamps

  • Extra heavy duty T-bar
  • Fits casings from 400-3350 mm
  • One piece cast beam
  • No need for cylinder guards
  • Simple wedge-lock design
  • Fits all types of vibrators
  • Jaws will not crack piles
  • Hydraulic wedge-lock optional

Our product range also covers vibrators with high frequency and with variable moment.
Weight and dimension figures are approximate only.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.