Hydraulic Vibrator 416B

Specifications of Vibrator J&M 416B
Eccentric momentNm253.5
Centrifugal forcekN710
Pile clamp forcekN1112
Extraction line pullkN355
Hydraulic hose setm30
Suspended weightkg3360
Height (w/o clamp)mm1780
Specifications of Power Pack J&M 350
Engine typeC-9CAT
Maximum powerkW261
Operating speedrpm2100
Drive pressure max.bar345
Hydraulic flow max.l/min330
Clamp pressurebar295
Clamp pump flowl/min20

Details of Wood / Concrete Clamp

  • Fits piles up to 510 mm
  • Light weight of 2255 kg
  • Easy to install
  • Clamp force 470 kN
  • Fits all types of vibrators
  • Large grip plates
  • Maximum safety

Details of Casing Clamps

  • Heavy duty T-bar, length 2795 mm
  • 2 nos casing clamps
  • Clamping force 2 x 712 kN
  • No need for cylinder guards
  • Simple wedge-lock design
  • Fits all types of vibrators
  • Jaws will not crack piles
  • Hydraulic wedge-lock optional
Special features:

  • New gun-drilled top plate eliminates 15 hoses/fittings
  • Heavy weight suspension housing and soft elastomers
  • Super-tough forged gears for 12-years useful life time
  • Highest quality Intertech pumps and VOAC motors
  • Optional digital radio control
  • Quickly adaptable for underwater or box lead operation
  • Great amplitude for heavy piling jobs in elastic soil
  • Narrow 360 mm throat width for all sheet piles
  • Can run with environmentally friendly biodegradable oil

Our product range also covers vibrators with high frequency and with variable moment.
Weight and dimension figures are approximate only.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.