Soldier Pile Shoring

Soldier Pile Shoring

The soldier pile shoring system consists of steel shoring plates which are guided in pre-installed H-piles and sunken down by the excavator to the required depth using the lower-and-cut method. Depending on the soil condition and the excavation depth, up to 3 layers of spindles are placed between the H-piles to support the earth pressure. The H-piles can be placed either by a vibrator and/or in predrilled holes to avoid any impact to nearby structures. In case of large building excavations the H-piles can also be supported by one or more layers of soil anchors.

Main applications:

  • Deep trenches for pipes and culverts
  • For large diameter pipes and structures
  • To support excavations for buildings
  • If pile driving by vibration is not possible

Standard dimensions of main components are:

Shoring plates:Length 3000-5000 mm, height 2400 and 1400 mm
Soldier piles:Length 5000-12000 mm, cross section 300x300 or 360x360 mm
Telescopic spindles:Range 1100-7000 mm

The soldier pile shoring system must always be designed according to the actual site conditions such as type of soil, ground water level, additional side loads, anchor position, etc. Special care has to be taken for the section modulus and the penetration depth of the soldier pile, the distance of the piles (plate length) and the pressure on the telescopic spindles.

DepthBase plate - L/HExtended plate - L/HBearing pile lengthSpindles
Soldier Pile Shoring

For the fast and safe installation we provide further accessories such as universal spindle jaws, piling distance guides, plate protectors, lifting cables and other items.

Further dimensions and details are available on request.
Our Windows based computer program can assist your calculations.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.