Arcelor U-Type Sheet Piles

TypeWidthHeightBackFlangeWeightWeightSection ModulusMoment of Inertia
AU 1475040810.08.377.9103.8140528680
AU 1675041111.59.386.3115.0160032850
AU 1875044110.59.188.5118.0178039300
AU 2075044412.010.096.9129.2200044440
AU 2375044713.09.5102.1136.1227050700
AU 2575045014.510.2110.4147.2250056240
PU 126003609.89.066.1110.1120021600
PU 1860043011.29.076.9128.2180038650
PU 2260045012.19.586.1143.6220049460
PU 2860045415.210.1101.8169.6284064460
PU 3260045219.511.0114.1190.2320072320
GU 6N6003096.06.041.969.96259670
GU 7S6003117.26.946.377.174011540
GU 8S6003138.07.550.884.682012800
GU 13N6004189.07.459.999.8127026590
GU 14N60042010.08.064.3107.1140029410
GU 15N60042211.08.668.7114.5153032260
GU 16N60043010.28.472.6121.0167035950
GU 20N60043012.29.581.1135.2192041320
GU 21N60045011.19.081.9136.5206046380
GU 23N60045013.110.090.4150.7233552510
GU 30N60045616.210.5106.2177.1300068380
GU 31N60045218.510.6109.9183.2306569210

Hot rolled interlocking sheet piles are available in steel grades S240GP, S270GP, S355GP, S390GP and S430GP (according to European standards EN 10248).
The allowed tolerances are according to ´Technical Conditions of Delivery for Sheet Piles 1967´.
All steel sheet piles can be supplied with handling holes (dia 50 mm, 200 mm from top), as double sheet piles and with corrosion protection.
Special piles, corner sections and a wide range of tie bars and anchors are available on request.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.