Steel Formwork for Culverts (Monolithic)

Inner steel forms for cast-in-place concrete culverts are available for every possible shape and cross section such as rectangular, circular, egg shape and horse shoe. The steel forms are manufactured in segments of 1500 or 3000 mm length and connected together by screws or wedge pins to a total length of up to 30 m, depending on the distance of the construction joint and the required concreting performance.

Each formwork segment has only one spindle or hydraulic to simultaneously retract the steel form in horizontal and vertical direction and is supported in front by a large gantry system travelling on the concrete blinding and in rear by a small gantry travelling on the already finished concrete base.
The complete culvert (base, walls and slab) is poured in one cast as a monolithic block!

The outer steel forms are also travelling on wheels or on wheel suspensions fixed to the shoring system and are connected together by spindles or thread bars. Special front forms with guides for the water stop (joint tape) are fixed to the inner and outer form by wedge pins.

One monolithic formwork for culverts consists of:
Inner steel form with gantry, outer steel form, front form and sealing rails.
Options are hydraulic adjustment cylinders and pneumatic surface vibrators with control valves.


  • Custom made design for optimised flow conditions.
  • Excellent smooth and pore-free concrete surface.
  • Unmatched concreting performance with less personnel.
  • No other formwork can be moved faster to the new pouring position – guaranteed!
  • The monolithic casing guarantees water tightness in case of high groundwater level.
  • Outstanding durability and less cost for maintenance.
  • Slim design of outer forms reduces excavation width.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.