Hydraulic Rocksaws

Rocksaws extend the use of any hydraulic excavator significantly and are perfect attachments for a wide range of applications.
Mounted to the stick of an excavator instead of the bucket and powered by the hydraulic system of the base machine, hydraulic Rocksaws are used to cut trenches for utility lines (water, sewerage and cable ducts), for construction and maintenance of asphalt and concrete roads, in tunnelling projects, in mines and quarries and for a wide range of demolition works.

We offer three types of Rocksaws:

1. Carbide tungsten saws are ideal for materials not harder than 40 MPa and where is no cooling water available. They are better suited for soft materials than diamond saws, operators need less skill to achieve good results and worn picks can be easily replaced. Several models are available for excavators from 12-90 tons and blade diameters up to 3000 mm.

2. Diamond Rocksaws are for precise cuts and little waste in very hard materials such as granite or basalt or as an alternative or addition to hammers and shears. We offer 10 models to suite every cutting requirement for excavators from 1 to 70 ton operating weight and blade diameters from 200-3500 mm for cutting depths up to 1500 mm.

3. The revolutionary Omnicut Rocksaws in single or multi-blade version combine the hardness of diamonds with the robustness of tungsten carbide. They cut up to 10 times faster than tungsten carbide blades and are suitable for all materials, from soft rock to steel-reinforced concrete and for hard rock up to 400 MPa. Omnicut Rocksaws are available for excavators from 1-100 ton and with blade diameters up to 4000 mm.

Safety, reliability and economy are our highest priority for all our Rocksaws available with:

  • Fast acting automatic brake
  • Reversible blade rotation
  • Double swivelling shield
  • Standard or high-speed machines
  • Off-set and multi-blade models
  • Cutting optimizer

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.