Echidna Tungsten-Carbide Rock Saws

Updated: 03.11.2023
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Tungsten carbide saws are ideal for materials not harder than 60 MPa and where is no cooling water available. They are better suited for soft materials than diamond saws, operators need less skill to achieve good results and worn picks can be easily replaced. Several models are available for excavators from 1-70 tons and blade diameters up to 3500 mm.

ModelExcavator rangeBlade diameterCutting depthTip cutting speedTip cutting speedSpindle torque max.Mass with bladeOil pressure
C412 -152,0007503.86012,00065026
C520 - 302,000 - 3,0001,30043030,0002,65035
C62,500 - 3,5001,55042545,0003,10042
Excavator range12 -15 t
Blade diameter2,000 mm
Cutting depth750 mm
Tip cutting speed3.8 m/s
Tip cutting speed60 rpm
Spindle torque max.12,000 Nm
Mass with blade650 kg
Oil pressure26 MPa
Excavator range20 - 30 t
Blade diameter2,000 - 3,000 mm
Cutting depth1,300 mm
Tip cutting speed4 m/s
Tip cutting speed30 rpm
Spindle torque max.30,000 Nm
Mass with blade2,650 kg
Oil pressure35 MPa
Blade diameter2,500 - 3,500 mm
Cutting depth1,550 mm
Tip cutting speed4 m/s
Tip cutting speed25 rpm
Spindle torque max.45,000 Nm
Mass with blade3,100 kg
Oil pressure42 MPa