Pile Driving Analyzer

Updated: 07.09.2023
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Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) is a diagnostic tool for evaluating all kinds of foundation pile systems and is the most widely used system for pile driving analysis in the world.

The PDA measures strain and acceleration under a dynamic impact and then evaluates shaft integrity and investigates driving stresses and hammer energy during pile installation. In addition the capacity of several piles can be tested in one day at typically 10 times less cost than for a single conventional static test. For optimum benefit the evaluation of pile bearing capacity by dynamic testing often involves a restrike to include soil strength gains such as set - up gains ( or relaxation losses ).

A CAPWAP analysis of the dynamic testing data further provides the resistance distribution and a simulated static load test.

Dynamic testing is also easily adapted to drilled shafts and augered CFA piles using a relatively small drop weight ( typically 1 to 1.5% of maximum ultimate load ). The testing and equipment conform to ASTM D4945.

The Model PAK is a robust testing device well-suited for a harsh construction environment; it is the result of decades of PDA experience by a team of civil, geotechnical and instrumentation engineers. The PAK has a membrane keyboard impervious to dust, oil and water. The LCD screen is the latest in color technology and can be seen both in low light and direct sunlight conditions. This PDA model features eight channels of data acquisition. The data acquisition system is very efficient, with sampling rate matching the application and signal conditioning filters. The special purpose analog integrators avoid the need to oversample or overfilter the data. The data compression routines make storage of data extremely efficient. The PDA software is comprehensive, yet efficient and intuitive, making it easy to learn and operate. Convenient icons, "wizards" and dialog boxes allow the user to quickly evaluate the integrity and bearing capacity of the pile during installation. Site pile data is automatically stored on disk for later use, and the report generation software is simple to use. The CAPWAP programm can be installed in the PAK for added convenience.

PAL-R is a device that monitors pile installation from a remote location. This is the latest model of Pile Dynamics´Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA). Any Pile Driving Analyzer model records and processes signals obtained during pile driving, during a pile restrike or as a bored or augercast pile is impacted by a drop weight. The PDA uses these signals (force and velocity) to calculate pile capacity, driving stresses, hammer efficiency and pile integrity. Up to now, an engineer had to travel to the job site to operate the PDA. With the PAL-R (R is for remote) only the equipment is sent to the site. Technician or the pile crew can be trained to install the required sensors. The engineer remains in the office and operates the PAL-R via cell phone connection to the site.