APE Hydraulic Vibrators for Sheet Piling

Updated: 19.10.2023
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Our series of small to medium sized hydraulic vibrators is specially designed to drive and to extract trench sheets and sheet piles, H-piles, as well as small diameter steel pipes.

Our vibrators offer following special features:
  • Patented multi-stage suppressor for maximum pulling force
  • One piece eccentrics with heavy metal for maximum eccentric moment
  • Giant spherical bearings are up to five times larger than any other vibrator
  • Rifle bored top plate eliminates all hoses on suppressor
  • Designed for easy, fast field service
  • Computer designed gearbox with low center of gravity
  • Completely sealed for underwater work
  • One year warranty plus special programs for life long operation
  • Center safety pin shows pile crew and crane operator how much line pull is on pile and crane
  • Only vibrator on market with detachable suppressor housings to fit any height and weight requirements

Our line of standard hydraulic vibrators offers top performance at reasonable prices. All vibros can be equipped with turning plate, wood clamps and casing clamps. A wide range of hydraulic drills and impact hammers is also available.

APE Hydraulic Vibrators for Sheet Piling
Eccentric momentkgm14.9825.3525.3550.6976.0466.25132.49198.17
Centrifugal forcekN4477577571,5132,2701,4242,6483,960
Frequency max.rpm1,6501,6501,6501,6501,6501,4001,3501,350
Line pull max.kN984009611,1831,6461,3342,0823,123
Weight w/o clampkg2,0642,6763,7785,7888,5738,84514,32021,999
Throat widthmm371368362375375356838940
Height w/o clampmm1,3591,3751,8381,6641,9052,6922,2482,654
APE 50
Eccentric moment14.98 kgm
Centrifugal force447 kN
Frequency max.1,650 rpm
Line pull max.98 kN
Weight w/o clamp2,064 kg
Throat width371 mm
Length1,454 mm
Height w/o clamp1,359 mm
APE 100
Eccentric moment25.35 kgm
Centrifugal force757 kN
Frequency max.1,650 rpm
Line pull max.400 kN
Weight w/o clamp2,676 kg
Throat width368 mm
Length1,572 mm
Height w/o clamp1,375 mm
APE 150
Eccentric moment25.35 kgm
Centrifugal force757 kN
Frequency max.1,650 rpm
Line pull max.961 kN
Weight w/o clamp3,778 kg
Throat width362 mm
Length2,254 mm
Height w/o clamp1,838 mm
APE 200
Eccentric moment50.69 kgm
Centrifugal force1,513 kN
Frequency max.1,650 rpm
Line pull max.1,183 kN
Weight w/o clamp5,788 kg
Throat width375 mm
Length2,642 mm
Height w/o clamp1,664 mm
APE 200-6
Eccentric moment76.04 kgm
Centrifugal force2,270 kN
Frequency max.1,650 rpm
Line pull max.1,646 kN
Weight w/o clamp8,573 kg
Throat width375 mm
Length3,556 mm
Height w/o clamp1,905 mm
APE 300
Eccentric moment66.25 kgm
Centrifugal force1,424 kN
Frequency max.1,400 rpm
Line pull max.1,334 kN
Weight w/o clamp8,845 kg
Throat width356 mm
Length2,794 mm
Height w/o clamp2,692 mm
APE 400
Eccentric moment132.49 kgm
Centrifugal force2,648 kN
Frequency max.1,350 rpm
Line pull max.2,082 kN
Weight w/o clamp14,320 kg
Throat width838 mm
Length3,581 mm
Height w/o clamp2,248 mm
APE 600
Eccentric moment198.17 kgm
Centrifugal force3,960 kN
Frequency max.1,350 rpm
Line pull max.3,123 kN
Weight w/o clamp21,999 kg
Throat width940 mm
Length4,572 mm
Height w/o clamp2,654 mm