Ductile Iron Piles

Updated: 19.10.2023

Ductile iron piles are made from cast iron GJS 450-10 in sections of 5.00 or 5.65 m working length (for container loading) and driven into the soil by an excavator with a suitable hydaulic hammer. Non-grouted end bearing piles are mainly for projects with a slod stratum while grouted piles are used where skin friction can be activated.

We offer the complete system including pile driving shoes for grouted and non-grouted piles as well as different adapters to connect the pile top to the hydraulic hammer.

  • Ductile iron piles can be driven by standard hydraulic excavator of 25 - 35 tons operating weight
  • The socket and spigot connection is fast, reliable and does not need any welding
  • Therefore the pile langth can easily be adjusted to meet different ground conditions and load requirements
  • Low vibration by the hydraulic hammer allows installation of piles close to existing structures
  • Due to high carbon and silicon content ductile iron has higher corrosion resistence than steel
  • Excellent driving performance make these piles a very economical foundation solution for many applications
Ductile Iron Piles
Outer diametermm118118118170170170170
Wall thicknessmm7.
Internal load bearing capacitykN8339861,1441,2251,4571,6992,052
Load bearing with concrete C20/25kN9441,0911,2431,4771,6991,9302,269
Outer diameter118 mm
Wall thickness7.5 mm
Weight21.0 kg
Internal load bearing capacity833 kN
Load bearing with concrete C20/25944 kN
Outer diameter118 mm
Wall thickness9.0 mm
Weight24.4 kg
Internal load bearing capacity986 kN
Load bearing with concrete C20/251,091 kN
Outer diameter118 mm
Wall thickness10.6 mm
Weight28.0 kg
Internal load bearing capacity1,144 kN
Load bearing with concrete C20/251,243 kN
Outer diameter170 mm
Wall thickness7.5 mm
Weight33.8 kg
Internal load bearing capacity1,225 kN
Load bearing with concrete C20/251,477 kN
Outer diameter170 mm
Wall thickness9.0 mm
Weight37.1 kg
Internal load bearing capacity1,457 kN
Load bearing with concrete C20/251,699 kN
Outer diameter170 mm
Wall thickness10.6 mm
Weight42.5 kg
Internal load bearing capacity1,699 kN
Load bearing with concrete C20/251,930 kN
Outer diameter170 mm
Wall thickness13.0 mm
Weight50.4 kg
Internal load bearing capacity2,052 kN
Load bearing with concrete C20/252,269 kN

The internal load bearing capacity is calculated according to the requirements in the EAD, section 2.2.1. The safety coefficient Ymo is set to 1 according to EN 1993-1-1. The load bearing capacity is calculated for the cross section, buckling is not taken into account.