Updated: 05.10.2023
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U-sheet piles are usually installed as single sheets so that driving and extracting by a vibrator or impact hammer is comparatively easy and therefore U-sheet piles are the preferred section as temporary shoring system for utility trenches, manholes, driving and receiving shafts, etc.

ModelWidthHeightThicknessMass per pileWallMoment of inertiaSection modulus
AU 1675041111.5 / 9.386.311532,8501,600
AU 2075044412.0 / 10.096.9129.244,4402,000
AU 2575045014.5 / 10.2110.4147.256,2402,500
GU 6N6003096.0 / 6.041.969.99,670625
GU 8S6003138.0 / 7.550.884.612,800820
GU 14N60042010.0 / 8.064.3107.129,4101,400
GU 18N60043011.2 / 9.076.9128.238,6501,800
GU 22N60045012.1 / 9.586.1143.649,4602,200
GU 30N60045616.2 / 10.5106.2177.168,3803,000
GU 32N60045219.5 / 11.0114.1190.272,3203,200
AU 16
Width750 mm
Height411 mm
Thickness11.5 / 9.3 mm
Mass per pile86.3 kg/m
Wall115 kg/m²
Moment of inertia32,850 cm⁴/m
Section modulus1,600 cm³/m
AU 20
Width750 mm
Height444 mm
Thickness12.0 / 10.0 mm
Mass per pile96.9 kg/m
Wall129.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia44,440 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,000 cm³/m
AU 25
Width750 mm
Height450 mm
Thickness14.5 / 10.2 mm
Mass per pile110.4 kg/m
Wall147.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia56,240 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,500 cm³/m
Width600 mm
Height309 mm
Thickness6.0 / 6.0 mm
Mass per pile41.9 kg/m
Wall69.9 kg/m²
Moment of inertia9,670 cm⁴/m
Section modulus625 cm³/m
Width600 mm
Height313 mm
Thickness8.0 / 7.5 mm
Mass per pile50.8 kg/m
Wall84.6 kg/m²
Moment of inertia12,800 cm⁴/m
Section modulus820 cm³/m
GU 14N
Width600 mm
Height420 mm
Thickness10.0 / 8.0 mm
Mass per pile64.3 kg/m
Wall107.1 kg/m²
Moment of inertia29,410 cm⁴/m
Section modulus1,400 cm³/m
GU 18N
Width600 mm
Height430 mm
Thickness11.2 / 9.0 mm
Mass per pile76.9 kg/m
Wall128.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia38,650 cm⁴/m
Section modulus1,800 cm³/m
GU 22N
Width600 mm
Height450 mm
Thickness12.1 / 9.5 mm
Mass per pile86.1 kg/m
Wall143.6 kg/m²
Moment of inertia49,460 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,200 cm³/m
GU 30N
Width600 mm
Height456 mm
Thickness16.2 / 10.5 mm
Mass per pile106.2 kg/m
Wall177.1 kg/m²
Moment of inertia68,380 cm⁴/m
Section modulus3,000 cm³/m
GU 32N
Width600 mm
Height452 mm
Thickness19.5 / 11.0 mm
Mass per pile114.1 kg/m
Wall190.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia72,320 cm⁴/m
Section modulus3,200 cm³/m