Trench Sheets

Updated: 17.10.2023
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Trench sheets are cold deformed steel profiles made by a continuous rolling process from steel coils. The sheets are overlapping (not interlocking) and mainly used to support shallow trenches in urban utility projects.

ModelWidthHeightThicknessMass per pileMass wallMoment of inertiaSection modulus
KD 400/640050622.2355.5725098.75
KD 600/660078637.562718184
KD 600/86008085583947237
KD 750/675092640.954.66893194
KD 750/875094853.5672.181,197254
KD 400/6
Width400 mm
Height50 mm
Thickness6 mm
Mass per pile22.23 kg/m
Mass wall55.57 kg/m²
Moment of inertia250 cm⁴/m
Section modulus98.75 cm³/m
KD 600/6
Width600 mm
Height78 mm
Thickness6 mm
Mass per pile37.5 kg/m
Mass wall62 kg/m²
Moment of inertia718 cm⁴/m
Section modulus184 cm³/m
KD 600/8
Width600 mm
Height80 mm
Thickness8 mm
Mass per pile55 kg/m
Mass wall83 kg/m²
Moment of inertia947 cm⁴/m
Section modulus237 cm³/m
KD 750/6
Width750 mm
Height92 mm
Thickness6 mm
Mass per pile40.9 kg/m
Mass wall54.66 kg/m²
Moment of inertia893 cm⁴/m
Section modulus194 cm³/m
KD 750/8
Width750 mm
Height94 mm
Thickness8 mm
Mass per pile53.56 kg/m
Mass wall72.18 kg/m²
Moment of inertia1,197 cm⁴/m
Section modulus254 cm³/m

These are just a few examples of cold rolled, overlapping trench sheets. Other sections are available on request.
Available steel grades: S235JR, S275JR, S355JO.