SAICI Bentonite Desanders - Double Passage

Updated: 03.10.2023
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The HPD series of Bentonite desanders have been specifically developed for tunneling applications. The Bentonite mud is reliably seperated from all kinds of solids such as sand, clay, slims and other organic matters. The desander consists mainly of a setting tank, special centrifugal pumps, centrifugal seperators, vibration screens and a patented control system. All wear parts are made of top quality, highly resistant and long lasting materials for extended durability and easy maintenance.

Main advantages:
  • High efficiency
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Little maintenance
  • Great reliability
  • Regulation of flow by integrated derivative compensation
  • Patented control system
Main applications:
  • For medium to large foundation projects with bored piles or diaphragm walls
  • Reverse mud circulation
  • Milling applications
  • Microtunnelling and tunnelling projects
SAICI Bentonite Desanders - Double Passage
Model2500 HPD4000 HPD
Outputm/h200 / 250300 / 350
Cut point d50µm3030
Installed powerkW45 + 4555 + 55
Tank capacity45
Main screen4.55
Secondary screen4.86
Hydrociclone2 x 420 + 8 x 1252 x 500 + 12 x 150
2500 HPD
Output200 / 250 m/h
Cut point d5030 µm
Installed power45 + 45 kW
Tank capacity4
Main screen4.5
Secondary screen4.8
Hydrociclone2 x 420 + 8 x 125
Length6,500 m
Width2,400 m
Height2,800 m
Weight6,600 kg
4000 HPD
Output300 / 350 m/h
Cut point d5030 µm
Installed power55 + 55 kW
Tank capacity5
Main screen5
Secondary screen6
Hydrociclone2 x 500 + 12 x 150
Length8,000 m
Width2,400 m
Height3,500 m
Weight7,800 kg