Machines and equipment for making boreholes of less than ø350 mm as well as a wide range of grouting and jet grouting equipment.
Comacchio MC 8
Comacchio Standard Crawler Drill Rigs

The MC line, with its large variety of models, is the best example of Comacchio’s production: its ability to meet market needs whilst taking advantage of innovative techniques that are less costly, more effective, easier and safer for the operators. This led to the creation of a comprehensive range of drilling rigs for civil engineering works such as micropiles, anchors, jet grouting and ground improvement in general. Thanks to advanced modular hydraulic circuits, the rigs of the MC line can be

Comacchio MC 3D
Comacchio Drill Rigs with separate Power Pack

The MC line includes both drilling rigs with hydraulic power pack on board or with separate power pack all to perform a great range of mast positions and inclinations, thus permitting operation in small spaces covering a large variety of works and maintaining a high performance. A complete line of hydraulic crawler mounted drilling rigs especially designed for ground engineering works such as micropiles, anchors, jet grouting and ground improvement in general. solutions & engineering v

Comacchio GEO 205
Comacchio Drill Rigs for Soil Investigation

The GEO line also includes medium size machines that due to the mast pull up force and rotary head torque output are suitable for water well drilling, geothermal drilling and mining exploration. The use of advanced modular hydraulic circuits ensures high performance and allows the installation of a wide range of rotary heads and hydraulic drifters, thus permitting the machines of the GEO line to operate all rotary drilling systems (both direct air/mud circulation and reverse circulation drilling

Metax JMP3-3
Metax Grouting Units

Metax grouting units consist of a high speed turbo mixer, an agitator and an injection pump to produce a cement grout using bag cement, water and/or bentonite power. Different units with electric or diesel motors and wide range of flow and pressure configurations are available. The grouting units are assembled on a firm base frame and a single lifting hook for easy manipulation.

Metax JMP4
Metax Jetgrouting Pumps

Our high pressure jet grouting pumps are available either skid-base mounted with sound-proof engine chassis or fully protected in a 20 foot container (2400x2400x6000 mm). High quality components, excellent workmanship and international experience make our pumps the ideal choice for all kinds of ground consolidation works where continuous and high-pressure grout is required. The ISO 9000 quality certificate offers additional confidence in our jetgrouting pumps. Together with our line of grout mix

Metax MIX30
Metax Grout Mixing Plants

METAX grout mixing plants come with an electronic load cell weighing system for cement, water and other components. The electronic control panel allows the selection of up to 10 components and 20 mixing formulas for optimum grout quality at any possible grouting or jet grouting project.

DTH Hammer
TG & TGX Hammer Series

State of the art performance, incread power, more efficient drilling. Patented design, excellent durability, easy maintainance & innovative bit retainer system.

Cluster Hammer
TGM Hammer Series

Consisting of a robust canister in which DTH hammers are fitted. For very large holes, sensitive downtown area, lower air consumption, bits are free to rotate for evenly wear. Joint with Kelly box, HEX pin or flange.

Drill Bit
Drill Bits

TOP DRILL DTH drill bits are designed and manufactured for efficient drilling. These bits transfer maximum piston energy to the rock.

Overburden Bit
TRB Systems

TRB overburden drilling systems are designed for drilling with simultaneous casing advancement. The wings are retracted by reverse rotation.

Micropiles of Continuous Threaded Bars
Micropiles of Continuous Threaded Bars

The SAH pile is a drilled micropile with a steel core made of the SAH bar with hot-rolled, continuous thread deformations on both sides, the so called SAH thread. The steel core is mantled by cement grout which acts both as corrosion protection and load transfer into the soil or rock.

Strand Anchors
Strand Anchors

The anchors are structural elements which are capable of transmitting stress to the ground by means of steel strand wires and various anchoring devices. These consist in a particular application of prestress in the field of civil engineering and their most common applications can be found in the anchoring of sheet piles, secant piles, diaphragm walls as well as other panels and floors subject to hydrostatic pressure. The anchor is essentially made up of three parts: Anchor head, free part and b