Equipment for the installation of any timber, steel or precast concrete piles by vibration or impact either by leader-mounted or crane-suspended equipment.
ABI Mobilram with Telescopic Leaders

The ABI Mobilram with telescopic leader is a powerful and efficient foundation machine that combines the capabilities of the Mobilram with the added reach and precision of a telescopic leader. With its advanced technology and innovative design, the Mobilram with telescopic leader is capable of performing a wide range of functions, including drilling, pressing, extracting, and vibrating, with even greater accuracy and control. Whether you are working on a project with limited access or require greater precision for deep foundations, the ABI Mobilram with telescopic leader can provide the power and reach you need to get the job done right. And with its user-friendly controls and intuitive interface, the Mobilram with telescopic leader is easy to operate and maintain, making it the perfect choice for contractors, engineers, and construction professionals of all levels of experience.

ABI SM 14/18 HD
ABI Mobilram with Fixed Leaders

ABI Mobilram multi-purpose piling rigs are available with three different leaders: a) Circular telescopic leaders are the ideal configuration for sheet pile and H-beam installation with hydraulic vibrators. The distance between the central axis of the leader to the vibrator is short so that only small bending moments stress the leader. It is the lightest and most used configuration for standard piling and pre-drilling needs. b) Square telescopic leaders are recommended if a higher torque resis

ABI Leader Guided Vibrators

We supply hydraulic vibrators in standard high frequency version and with variable moment (city vibros). The V-line of vibrators is the ideal solution for pile driving works near delicate structures where soil vibrations should be avoided or are strictly forbidden. All attachments are mounted to the leader by a mounting plate with quick couplings and changing from vibrator to i.e. auger drive takes less than one hour. Clamps for sheet piles, double piles, H-piles and steel pipe piles guarantee t

ABI MDBA Leader Guided Auger Drives

The main application for hydraulic auger drives together with continuous flight augers is the pre-drilling of hard soil for easier pile driving or to drill holes for poles. In combination with a power swivel the augers and rotaries of our Mobilram system become extremely versatile for many different drilling works i.e. for CFA or SDA piles, micropiles, soil anchors, DTH hammers, soil mixing, etc.

ABI RHP Leader Guided Auger Drives
ABI RHP Leader Guided Auger Drives

The RHP auger drives are high-torque top drives mainly for soil mixing with large diameter mixing tools and for full displacement piles. The equipment can be mounted to telescopic leaders with high torque acceptance such as TM22 and TM26 or to machines with fixed leader masts.

APE 50
APE Hydraulic Vibrators for Sheet Piling

Our series of small to medium sized hydraulic vibrators is specially designed to drive and to extract trench sheets and sheet piles, H-piles, as well as small diameter steel pipes.

APE 250 VM
APE Hydraulic Vibrators Variable Moment

We offer a complete line of new hydraulic vibrators with variable eccentric moment (resonance free) for even the most demanding piling works in sensible areas. The system for adjusting the eccentrics during operation is extremely simple and reliable and needs very little service and maintenance compared to other systems on the market.

APE 400 Tandem
APE Hydraulic Vibrators Tandem Version

APE Hydraulic tandem vibrators are mainly used to extract temporary steel pipe piles used for cast insitu driven concrete piles.

APE 100 Wick
APE Wick Drain Vibrators

The "bottom drive wick drain vibrator" is the ultimate choice for the installation of long vertical drains in difficult soil. The vibro is mounted to the boom of any hydraulic excavator of sufficient weight and power and includes a mandrel with sprockets, a light weight leader to support the mandrel and the operating console. Two or four sprocket drives push the mandrel by static force with a speed of up to 100 m/min into the soft soil. If more force is needed to overcome hard ground layers just

APE Power Pack
APE Power Packs

Of course, the APE power packs are made primarily to run APE crane-suspended vibrators but due to the open loop hydraulic system they can deliver hydraulic power to run many other equipment such as hydraulic top drills, hydraulic impact hammers and spotters of piling leads.

Pajot 1400
Pajot Air Hammers

Pajot air hammers are very efficient impact hammers which are powered by an air compressor of sufficient capacity. The air hammers are mainly used for driving sheet piles, beams or pipe piles which have been set by a vibrator but could not be driven to the required final depth by vibration.

Delmag D30-32
Delmag Diesel Impact Hammers

Delmag diesel hammers are available made in Germany or made in the Delmag factory in China. In both cases you will get the worlds best hammers in top quality; from China at a more competitive price.

Delmag Hanging Lead
Delmag Leads

Delmag hanging leads are mounted to the boom tip of a crawler crane and supported at bottom by a hydraulic spotter to the crane chassis for forward and backward inclination. If requested hanging leads can be rotated around the vertical axis or be available as vertical travel leads.

Ductile Iron Piles
Ductile Iron Piles

Ductile iron piles are made from cast iron GJS 450-10 in sections of 5.00 or 5.65 m working length (for container loading) and driven into the soil by an excavator with a suitable hydaulic hammer. Non-grouted end bearing piles are mainly for projects with a slod stratum while grouted piles are used where skin friction can be activated. We offer the complete system including pile driving shoes for grouted and non-grouted piles as well as different adapters to connect the pile top to the hydrauli