Telearm for Deep Excavations

Updated: 16.10.2023
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Hydraulic teledippers are mainly used for the excavation of deep manholes and shafts for jacking and tunnelling projects. The digging attachment can be clamshells with a capacity of 1.75 to 2.0 m³ or orange peel grabs with a capacity of 1.25 m³. Both can be equipped with a 360º hydraulic rotator. An optional camera system with monitor in the excavator cabin is available to assist the operator in his work.

The teledipper (telescopic excavator arm) can be mounted to the mono boom of any hydraulic excavator of sufficient operating weight (35-50 ton) and hydraulic power.

The teledipper is operated either by one large hydraulic cylinder offering excellent performance up to an excavation depth of 20 m (with extension) or by cable system for depths up to 40 m. All are manufactured according to European standards for trouble-free operation with little cost of repairs and maintenance.