APE Wick Drain Vibrators

Updated: 19.10.2023
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The "bottom drive wick drain vibrator" is the ultimate choice for the installation of long vertical drains in difficult soil. The vibro is mounted to the boom of any hydraulic excavator of sufficient weight and power and includes a mandrel with sprockets, a light weight leader to support the mandrel and the operating console.
Two or four sprocket drives push the mandrel by static force with a speed of up to 100 m/min into the soft soil. If more force is needed to overcome hard ground layers just push one button and vibration is added to the mandrel providing unmatched installation speed and power in every soil.

APE Wick Drain Vibrators
Static forcekN279274
Dynamic force @ 1650 rpmkN211498
Combined static/dynamic forcekN458746
Operating frequency max.rpm1,6501,650
Suspended weightkg3,8554,889
Pressure max.bar380380
APE 100
Static force279 kN
Dynamic force @ 1650 rpm211 kN
Combined static/dynamic force458 kN
Operating frequency max.1,650 rpm
Suspended weight3,855 kg
Pressure max.380 bar
Length2,179 mm
Width1,752 mm
Height3,057 mm
APE 200
Static force274 kN
Dynamic force @ 1650 rpm498 kN
Combined static/dynamic force746 kN
Operating frequency max.1,650 rpm
Suspended weight4,889 kg
Pressure max.380 bar
Length2,134 mm
Width1,194 mm
Height3,048 mm