Updated: 05.10.2023
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HAT or OMEGA sections have the advantages that the height is not large which makes it ideal for trenches in urban areas where the trench width should be reduced to a minimum.

ModelWidthHeightThicknessMass per pileMassMoment of inertiaSection modulus
FLP 700700148539.456.22,576343
FLP 700700150754.3477.63,591474
FLP 750750283657.4676.611,375788
FLP 75075028476789.313,263912
FLP 84084025176779.769,128718
FLP 840840252876.6191.210,474817
FLP 700
Width700 mm
Height148 mm
Thickness5 mm
Mass per pile39.4 kg/m
Mass56.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia2,576 cm⁴/m
Section modulus343 cm³/m
FLP 700
Width700 mm
Height150 mm
Thickness7 mm
Mass per pile54.34 kg/m
Mass77.6 kg/m²
Moment of inertia3,591 cm⁴/m
Section modulus474 cm³/m
FLP 750
Width750 mm
Height283 mm
Thickness6 mm
Mass per pile57.46 kg/m
Mass76.6 kg/m²
Moment of inertia11,375 cm⁴/m
Section modulus788 cm³/m
FLP 750
Width750 mm
Height284 mm
Thickness7 mm
Mass per pile67 kg/m
Mass89.3 kg/m²
Moment of inertia13,263 cm⁴/m
Section modulus912 cm³/m
FLP 840
Width840 mm
Height251 mm
Thickness7 mm
Mass per pile67 kg/m
Mass79.76 kg/m²
Moment of inertia9,128 cm⁴/m
Section modulus718 cm³/m
FLP 840
Width840 mm
Height252 mm
Thickness8 mm
Mass per pile76.61 kg/m
Mass91.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia10,474 cm⁴/m
Section modulus817 cm³/m