Sheet Piles Cold Rolled

Updated: 07.11.2023

Steel sheet piles are the most universal material to protect open trenches, shafts, manholes, building excavations, quay walls, jetties and much more. In combination with H-piles and pipe piles even the most demanding retaining walls can be constructed.

Cold deformed sheet piles are made by a continuous rolling process from steel coils. They are available in HAT-, U- and Z-sections and in a very wide range of section moduli (cm³). As the web and the flange are of same thickness we recommend to use cold rolled sheet piles mainly for permanent installation.


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HAT or OMEGA sections have the advantages that the height is not large which makes it ideal for trenches in urban areas where the trench width should be reduced to a minimum.

ModelWidthHeightThicknessMass per pileMassMoment of inertiaSection modulus
FLP 700700148539.456.22,576343
FLP 700700150754.3477.63,591474
FLP 750750283657.4676.611,375788
FLP 75075028476789.313,263912
FLP 84084025176779.769,128718
FLP 840840252876.6191.210,474817
FLP 700
Width700 mm
Height148 mm
Thickness5 mm
Mass per pile39.4 kg/m
Mass56.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia2,576 cm⁴/m
Section modulus343 cm³/m
FLP 700
Width700 mm
Height150 mm
Thickness7 mm
Mass per pile54.34 kg/m
Mass77.6 kg/m²
Moment of inertia3,591 cm⁴/m
Section modulus474 cm³/m
FLP 750
Width750 mm
Height283 mm
Thickness6 mm
Mass per pile57.46 kg/m
Mass76.6 kg/m²
Moment of inertia11,375 cm⁴/m
Section modulus788 cm³/m
FLP 750
Width750 mm
Height284 mm
Thickness7 mm
Mass per pile67 kg/m
Mass89.3 kg/m²
Moment of inertia13,263 cm⁴/m
Section modulus912 cm³/m
FLP 840
Width840 mm
Height251 mm
Thickness7 mm
Mass per pile67 kg/m
Mass79.76 kg/m²
Moment of inertia9,128 cm⁴/m
Section modulus718 cm³/m
FLP 840
Width840 mm
Height252 mm
Thickness8 mm
Mass per pile76.61 kg/m
Mass91.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia10,474 cm⁴/m
Section modulus817 cm³/m


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U-sheet piles are usually installed as single sheets so that driving and extracting by a vibrator or impact hammer is comparatively easy and therefore U-sheet piles are the preferred section as temporary installations for utility trenches, manholes, driving and receiving shafts, etc.

ModelWidthHeightThicknessMass per pileWallMoment of inertiaSection modulus
GPU 6-600d600226745.6766,780600
GPU 8-600b600240962.5104.29,640804
GPU 12-600b600310964.810818,6001,200
GPU 16-750a7504119.586.311532,8501,600
GPU 20-750a75044410.596.9129.244,4402,000
GPU 25-75075054010103.1137.568,8202,549
GPU 28-750b75056211119.6159.478,8092,805
GPU 30-750c75056412132.5176.685,8793,045
GPU 35-75075060812136.1181.5105,0803,466
GPU 40-75075061014163.9218.5122,6804,031
GPU 6-600d
Width600 mm
Height226 mm
Thickness7 mm
Mass per pile45.6 kg/m
Wall76 kg/m²
Moment of inertia6,780 cm⁴/m
Section modulus600 cm³/m
GPU 8-600b
Width600 mm
Height240 mm
Thickness9 mm
Mass per pile62.5 kg/m
Wall104.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia9,640 cm⁴/m
Section modulus804 cm³/m
GPU 12-600b
Width600 mm
Height310 mm
Thickness9 mm
Mass per pile64.8 kg/m
Wall108 kg/m²
Moment of inertia18,600 cm⁴/m
Section modulus1,200 cm³/m
GPU 16-750a
Width750 mm
Height411 mm
Thickness9.5 mm
Mass per pile86.3 kg/m
Wall115 kg/m²
Moment of inertia32,850 cm⁴/m
Section modulus1,600 cm³/m
GPU 20-750a
Width750 mm
Height444 mm
Thickness10.5 mm
Mass per pile96.9 kg/m
Wall129.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia44,440 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,000 cm³/m
GPU 25-750
Width750 mm
Height540 mm
Thickness10 mm
Mass per pile103.1 kg/m
Wall137.5 kg/m²
Moment of inertia68,820 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,549 cm³/m
GPU 28-750b
Width750 mm
Height562 mm
Thickness11 mm
Mass per pile119.6 kg/m
Wall159.4 kg/m²
Moment of inertia78,809 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,805 cm³/m
GPU 30-750c
Width750 mm
Height564 mm
Thickness12 mm
Mass per pile132.5 kg/m
Wall176.6 kg/m²
Moment of inertia85,879 cm⁴/m
Section modulus3,045 cm³/m
GPU 35-750
Width750 mm
Height608 mm
Thickness12 mm
Mass per pile136.1 kg/m
Wall181.5 kg/m²
Moment of inertia105,080 cm⁴/m
Section modulus3,466 cm³/m
GPU 40-750
Width750 mm
Height610 mm
Thickness14 mm
Mass per pile163.9 kg/m
Wall218.5 kg/m²
Moment of inertia122,680 cm⁴/m
Section modulus4,031 cm³/m


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Z-sections must be driven in pairs which needs a well-designed piling frame and, due to the higher weight as pair, also larger piling equipment. Therefore Z-sections are often used for permanent retaining walls such as quay walls, jetties and other marine structures.

ModelWidthHeightThicknessMass per pileWallMoment of inertiaSection modulus
GPZ 5-850850253541.184.46,420507
GPZ 7-725725270645.162.29,890730
GPZ 12-850850379766.7778.522,9731,212
GPZ 16-8088083551089.2110.327,8501,570
GPZ 20-8008004509.588.6110.745,0502,000
GPZ 25-80080047511102.6128.259,4102,500
GPZ 32-75075051112.5116.7155.681,8003,200
GPZ 36-63063046014.3122.219482,8003,600
GPZ 41-70070055014139.5199113,7884,137
GPZ 5-850
Width850 mm
Height253 mm
Thickness5 mm
Mass per pile41.1 kg/m
Wall84.4 kg/m²
Moment of inertia6,420 cm⁴/m
Section modulus507 cm³/m
GPZ 7-725
Width725 mm
Height270 mm
Thickness6 mm
Mass per pile45.1 kg/m
Wall62.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia9,890 cm⁴/m
Section modulus730 cm³/m
GPZ 12-850
Width850 mm
Height379 mm
Thickness7 mm
Mass per pile66.7 kg/m
Wall778.5 kg/m²
Moment of inertia22,973 cm⁴/m
Section modulus1,212 cm³/m
GPZ 16-808
Width808 mm
Height355 mm
Thickness10 mm
Mass per pile89.2 kg/m
Wall110.3 kg/m²
Moment of inertia27,850 cm⁴/m
Section modulus1,570 cm³/m
GPZ 20-800
Width800 mm
Height450 mm
Thickness9.5 mm
Mass per pile88.6 kg/m
Wall110.7 kg/m²
Moment of inertia45,050 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,000 cm³/m
GPZ 25-800
Width800 mm
Height475 mm
Thickness11 mm
Mass per pile102.6 kg/m
Wall128.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia59,410 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,500 cm³/m
GPZ 32-750
Width750 mm
Height511 mm
Thickness12.5 mm
Mass per pile116.7 kg/m
Wall155.6 kg/m²
Moment of inertia81,800 cm⁴/m
Section modulus3,200 cm³/m
GPZ 36-630
Width630 mm
Height460 mm
Thickness14.3 mm
Mass per pile122.2 kg/m
Wall194 kg/m²
Moment of inertia82,800 cm⁴/m
Section modulus3,600 cm³/m
GPZ 41-700
Width700 mm
Height550 mm
Thickness14 mm
Mass per pile139.5 kg/m
Wall199 kg/m²
Moment of inertia113,788 cm⁴/m
Section modulus4,137 cm³/m

These are just a few examples of cold rolled sheet piles. Many other sections are available on request. Please specify the required section modulus and the application and we will be pleased to recommend the most suitable sheet pile section.
Available steel grades: S235JR, S275JR, S355JO.