Updated: 05.10.2023
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U-sheet piles are usually installed as single sheets so that driving and extracting by a vibrator or impact hammer is comparatively easy and therefore U-sheet piles are the preferred section as temporary installations for utility trenches, manholes, driving and receiving shafts, etc.

ModelWidthHeightThicknessMass per pileWallMoment of inertiaSection modulus
GPU 6-600d600226745.6766,780600
GPU 8-600b600240962.5104.29,640804
GPU 12-600b600310964.810818,6001,200
GPU 16-750a7504119.586.311532,8501,600
GPU 20-750a75044410.596.9129.244,4402,000
GPU 25-75075054010103.1137.568,8202,549
GPU 28-750b75056211119.6159.478,8092,805
GPU 30-750c75056412132.5176.685,8793,045
GPU 35-75075060812136.1181.5105,0803,466
GPU 40-75075061014163.9218.5122,6804,031
GPU 6-600d
Width600 mm
Height226 mm
Thickness7 mm
Mass per pile45.6 kg/m
Wall76 kg/m²
Moment of inertia6,780 cm⁴/m
Section modulus600 cm³/m
GPU 8-600b
Width600 mm
Height240 mm
Thickness9 mm
Mass per pile62.5 kg/m
Wall104.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia9,640 cm⁴/m
Section modulus804 cm³/m
GPU 12-600b
Width600 mm
Height310 mm
Thickness9 mm
Mass per pile64.8 kg/m
Wall108 kg/m²
Moment of inertia18,600 cm⁴/m
Section modulus1,200 cm³/m
GPU 16-750a
Width750 mm
Height411 mm
Thickness9.5 mm
Mass per pile86.3 kg/m
Wall115 kg/m²
Moment of inertia32,850 cm⁴/m
Section modulus1,600 cm³/m
GPU 20-750a
Width750 mm
Height444 mm
Thickness10.5 mm
Mass per pile96.9 kg/m
Wall129.2 kg/m²
Moment of inertia44,440 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,000 cm³/m
GPU 25-750
Width750 mm
Height540 mm
Thickness10 mm
Mass per pile103.1 kg/m
Wall137.5 kg/m²
Moment of inertia68,820 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,549 cm³/m
GPU 28-750b
Width750 mm
Height562 mm
Thickness11 mm
Mass per pile119.6 kg/m
Wall159.4 kg/m²
Moment of inertia78,809 cm⁴/m
Section modulus2,805 cm³/m
GPU 30-750c
Width750 mm
Height564 mm
Thickness12 mm
Mass per pile132.5 kg/m
Wall176.6 kg/m²
Moment of inertia85,879 cm⁴/m
Section modulus3,045 cm³/m
GPU 35-750
Width750 mm
Height608 mm
Thickness12 mm
Mass per pile136.1 kg/m
Wall181.5 kg/m²
Moment of inertia105,080 cm⁴/m
Section modulus3,466 cm³/m
GPU 40-750
Width750 mm
Height610 mm
Thickness14 mm
Mass per pile163.9 kg/m
Wall218.5 kg/m²
Moment of inertia122,680 cm⁴/m
Section modulus4,031 cm³/m