ABI Add-On Auger Drives for Excavators

Updated: 16.10.2023
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ABI hydraulic add-on auger drives are mounted to the stick of an excavator of sufficient weight and power and connected to the hydraulic system of the base machine for a wide range of drilling applications such as soil release drilling, well points, deep wells, small CFA piles, soil mixing and much more. In combination with the ABI casing twister fully cased CFA piles can be made at very reasonable cost. The DBA series of auger drives can be delivered with a concreting swivel for pumping concrete or grout through hollow stem CFA tools and produce CFA piles in unstable ground or for soil mixing applications.

ABI Add-On Auger Drives
ModelBA 1200BA 2200
Static extraction force max.kN120200
Hydraulic flow ratel/min220220
Required oil quantity per rotationl3,04,4
Hydraulic power at auger drive max.kW9060
Nominal oil pressureMPa3032
Total weightkg430600
Transport weightkg430700
Hexagon connectionmm8080
Height H1mm1,4801,390
Width Bmm515710
Depth Tmm440540
Transport dimensions:
ABI BA 1200
Torque1,200 daNm
Revolutions73 min⁻1
Static extraction force max.120 kN
Hydraulic flow rate220 l/min
Required oil quantity per rotation3,0 l
Hydraulic power at auger drive max.90 kW
Nominal oil pressure30 MPa
Total weight430 kg
Transport weight430 kg
Hexagon connection80 mm
Height H11,480 mm
Width B515 mm
Depth T440 mm
Transport dimensions:
Height1,270 mm
Width800 mm
Depth710 mm
ABI BA 2200
Torque2,200 daNm
Revolutions50 min⁻1
Static extraction force max.200 kN
Hydraulic flow rate220 l/min
Required oil quantity per rotation4,4 l
Hydraulic power at auger drive max.60 kW
Nominal oil pressure32 MPa
Total weight600 kg
Transport weight700 kg
Hexagon connection80 mm
Height H11,390 mm
Width B710 mm
Depth T540 mm
Transport dimensions:
Height1,565 mm
Width9,000 mm
Depth710 mm