Metax Grouting Units

Updated: 03.10.2023
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Metax grouting units consist of a high speed turbo mixer, an agitator and an injection pump to produce a cement grout using bag cement, water and/or bentonite power. Different units with electric or diesel motors and wide range of flow and pressure configurations are available. The grouting units are assembled on a firm base frame and a single lifting hook for easy manipulation.

  • Grouting of soil anchors
  • Soil nails
  • Micropiles
  • HDD applications
  • Annulus space grouting
  • Cave and mine backfilling
Product line:
  • High-pressure triplex pumps
  • Batching plants
  • Injection plants
  • Centrifugal and screw pumps
  • Horizontal silos
  • Data loggers
Metax Grouting Units
Electric power max.kW305620
Mixed load capacityl350350350
Storage tank capacity221
Pump typeP4IM902IC90
Pump pressure max.bar70080120
Pump flow rate max.l/min43021238
Electric power max.30 kW
Mixed load capacity350 l
Storage tank capacity2
Pump typeP4
Pump pressure max.700 bar
Pump flow rate max.430 l/min
Weight12,500 kg
Electric power max.56 kW
Mixed load capacity350 l
Storage tank capacity2
Pump typeIM902
Pump pressure max.80 bar
Pump flow rate max.212 l/min
Weight4,500 kg
Electric power max.20 kW
Mixed load capacity350 l
Storage tank capacity1
Pump typeIC90
Pump pressure max.120 bar
Pump flow rate max.38 l/min
Weight2,000 kg